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Angels of Hope and Freedom: Domestic Violence Resources

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I have created this website in hopes of helping others realize they are not alone; that there is help out there; that there is hope.  It is my hopes and intentions to help educate anyone who visits my site on the dynamics of domestic abuse and how you can help break the cycle.  
I have added some personal things to this site for my friends and loved ones.  I also have a page dedicated to my pets and my other favorite cause, animal welfare.
I hope you enjoy this site! 

I am 31....born on Groundhog Day 1971.  Thank goodness my life hasn't been like the movie (well, not too much anyway!)
I grew up in the beautiful state of Maine.  I moved to Florida with my wonderful parents when I was 18, about 6 months after graduating from high school.  I went to nursing school in Tampa and stayed in the Tampa area for a few years. With the exception of a few "adventures" here and there, I have been where I am now since 1996.

Jacqui and Lisa

Lisa has been my dear friend for over 12 years. Here we are having dinner on the beach.  Thank you Lisa for always being there for me when I've needed you!

Me and My secret Pal!

I can't reveal her identity for safety reasons, but she has become my friend through similar circumstances.